Multi Aqua Box

The innovative floating dock for your marina

Multi Aqua Box

The innovative floating dock for your marina

The perfect connection between land and water:

Our specially developed, modular bar system combines durability with stability and functionality, a wide range of options and easy installation without large vehicles. Come on board!


Always keep your head above water: We have developed two different versions of our MultiAquaBox for different needs and applications. This is how you find exactly the right model for your individual projects!

The steel construction

The right frame for all (water) cases: The design, which was specially developed for the MultiAquaBox, is available in different production variants and enables fast connections with additional elements and accessories.

The walking area

Up, roll up! Not only the appearance determines the choice of material for the surface of the floating dock. From different basic materials, you choose the suitable design for your floating dock, which has all the desired characteristics you want.

All benefits at a glance

With MultiAquaBox, the modular floating dock system from P & B, you can assemble your floating dock individually according to your needs. Design your own personal marina – whether with the MultiAquaBox , or as a complete package. Let us convince you!

  • Unbeatable price
  • Perfect for self-assembly
  • Easy, fast and cost-effective assembly and disassembly (2 persons – no crane necessary)
  • Flexible possibilities for substructure and walking surface (wood, plastic, WPC, gratings etc.)
  • Maximum flexibility ( width, structure, buoyancy, etc.)
  • Fast connection of railings, masts, banners, roofs etc.
  • 1 inch screw cap (2 pcs / Multiaquabox) for filling with water e.g. as weight for temporary structures, for lightweight buildings & tents, banners.

Possible applications

  • Rescue and bathing islands
  • Walkways, temporary bridges for vehicles
  • Pontoon for service & repair under bridges
  • As weight for lightweight structures & tents, banners (e.g. as mounting/weight on sensitive ground)
  • Boundaries on land and in the water
  • Jump ramps for water skiing or wakeboarding
  • Boat landing stages
  • Platforms for sport events, promotional events & presentations, show stages, film production & commercials

Our customers and partners

  • Campsites at the lake
  • Wakeboard and water ski lifts
  • Boat schools, charter operators
  • Marinas
  • Rental companies and event organizers
  • Tourism organizations
  • Gastronomy on the water
  • Boat dealers, boat accessories dealers (engines, technical accessories, etc.)
  • Fire department, water rescue, water police
  • Public bodies entrusted with the management of water bodies
  • Commercial companies in the fields of building floating platforms

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